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  • My story of why

    The goal

    As the day of leaving for the 2013 Yukon Arctic Ultra drew closer I knew the days were limited. Did I stay and say goodbye or did I go, and keep to my promise. Often we have a goal but nothing beyond the goal, until we start again. But sometimes there is no 'beyond the goal' so the goal becomes the only goal, the only focus.


    In January 2013 my mother was losing her 3-year battle with cancer. It was a matter of days, weeks at best. She wanted me to go, I wanted to stay and say goodbye but she insisted I go and that she would be with me every step. iPad by her bedside she would follow my little red dot in the digital world of ultra marathons we had become accustomed to.


    I got to the end of the race, 1 of 12 finishers. Unlike the many who did not finish, I had my why that drove me on through the tough days. When I got back to Whitehorse I spoke to my mother who was elated with my success, even though she was pretty much defeated by the cancer. Together we had endured those last few days of her life, but I didn't say goodbye as she was looking forward to me telling her my tales of woe!


    Sadly she died before I could get back to her. I said my goodbye in silence.

    Keeping on

    But she left me a note:


    "You have to live the life that has to be lived"


    I guess she knew when we spoke it would be the last time. So now I live my life in her honour, and in remembrance of a great woman who inspired me to be different.


    She inspired me to run. She inspired me to write. She inspired me to create Storifyd.